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Where are you on the Ethics Continuum? by Ford Taylor

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There are a few times in life that we come along a person, an idea or a movement that we can’t really say no to because of the impact that it could have on the world. Unashamedly Ethical falls into this category. I am so glad to be partnering with this movement.

When I think of the word ‘ethical’, I see a continuum. I see those that are unashamedly unethical – those that break the rules, the laws, take advantage of others for their gain and see themselves as above the law. These people don’t really care about others or about what’s the right thing to do.

Next to them, I see those that are ashamedly unethical. These people also break or stretch the rules or the laws. They do it because those around them do it. They justify their actions in certain ways, but they feel really bad about it.

Next are those that are ashamedly ethical.  These are leaders who run their businesses and organizations within the law, don’t take advantage of others, and try to do the right thing. However, they may have certain things in their private lives that is unethical. (This was me for a season in my life. I ran my business completely above board, said the right things and did the right things. I was a contributor in time and money to my community, yet, I was cheating on my wife in private.)

Then those that are unashamedly ethical. These are leaders that do the right thing both publicly and privately. They run their companies and organizations completely above board, even if it cost them in time, money or other resources in the short term. They are not embarrassed when others ridicule them, and they keep on doing life and managing organizations that way because it is the right thing to do. They have a positive impact in every sphere in which they live, work or play, not being swayed by those who choose to compromise.

We live in a time where the leaders that are arising around the world care more about how people perceive them, than they care about those that are following them.

We have taught and modelled a style of leadership that is about being motivational and inspirational, but it is time to make it practical and implementable. It is time to move beyond just the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and incorporate the ‘how’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’.

When leaders have the vision, the tools and behaviours – teaching, training and equipping – to be the leaders that they aspire to be, they will move at a level of influence far beyond what they ever thought possible.

So, if you are a part of Unashamedly Ethical, unashamedly invite others to get on board and continue learning how to become this in every part of your life.

If you are not a part of Unashamedly Ethical, consider joining no matter where you fall on the continuum mentioned above, and make a commitment to move along that continuum with others.

If you have influence with at least one person, that makes you a leader. Make the decision to become Unashamedly Ethical in every sphere in which you have influence, and ask others to join. It only takes 3-5% of the people in any organization or in a movement to shift the culture.  Join me today in this movement of influencers and courageous leaders seeking to turn the tide of corruption.


Ford Taylor  |  Founder: TL (Transformational Leadership) FSH Group

Author: “Relactional Leadership”

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