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UE Commitment No 1

To Be Honest And Ethical In All Our Dealings

Very seldom in the South African discourse has honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour been as much of a talking point as it is right now.

Much can be said about ethics and honesty in the public sector, and frankly, at the moment much is being said. In reality though, the behaviour being discussed in such conversations is something that we have little or no control over.

We do however have control over our own values and actions, and the example that we set.
So why should I place an emphasis on honesty in my business? Let us share a few thoughts about doing honest business…

  • If I conduct my business in an honest manner, I show my customers that I care about them and their interests.
  • If I do not exaggerate the products and services that I offer, my customers will not be disappointed by their association with and support of my business.
  • If I give my best possible, yet sustainable and fair, price right from the outset, I will establish credibility with my customers. If I however reduce the price initially quoted, for exactly the same product or service, I might very well create the perception that my initial quotation would have exploited the interests of my customer.
  • In dealing honestly I will establish long term trust between my customers and my company, and the products and services that we provide.

Unfortunately we are all too aware that often we have to compete against unethical and dishonest competitors. The temptation will arise to ignore my principles and values and follow suit. If I choose this however, I might very well in the long run end up losing my customers, and worse, my credibility.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and a lifetime to try and repair” – Anonymous

Wouter de Vos

For more information or to join us please see: www.unashamedlyethical.com or contact wouter@unashamedlyethical.com

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