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Focusing on the Youth


Zukani Metshane

Our youth are confronted with many different socio-economic challenges that lead them to adopt unethical behaviour portrayed in their communities, the media and even the entertainment industry. Many of these youngsters are left feeling confused about what are the correct principles and values and what they should apply in their own life. These challenges often exist because of a lack of good role models and leaders who can guide them in terms of ethics and values.

Youth, in general, need a platform like Unashamedly Ethical (UE), which is focused on uniting individuals and organisations that have made a commitment to living or operating according to good ethics, values and clean living. UE is a platform for discussion, which has the potential to restore hope. A recent survey conducted by Corruption Watch in South Africa found that a large percentage of youth are disillusioned and dissatisfied with the current level of corruption. By joining hands with people from different backgrounds all over the world, they are making a statement that they are tired of all the negative things that are denting the image of South Africa as a nation; they are taking a step in the right direction by “Doing the right thing, right Now!”

The campaign does not suggest that signing a pledge and committing to a Code of Conduct are enough to eradicate unethical practices, hence it has partnered with different structures to equip the world’s future leaders, the youth, with the tools to empower them to make the right choices.

One of its partners is Youth Transformation Africa that hosted an event at Newlands Rugby Stadium on 27 April 2015 with the aim of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with young people across Cape Town. The day was significant in that it also marked the day that South Africa celebrates freedom following the end of the Apartheid regime more than 20 years ago. Youth who attended the event were encouraged by speakers like preacher, author and film-maker, Angus Buchan; and UE Founder, Dr Graham Power. Time was also allocated to create opportunities for those who wished to commit their lives to Christ, and for intercessory prayer focussed specifically on the challenges faced by youth.

In recent months, UE staff in South Africa have hosted different gatherings in schools and other venues around the Western Cape where young people were challenged to not only sign the UE pledge but take ownership of the campaign. Some exciting plans are underway to ensure that the campaign enjoys large scale support amongst younger generations with the hope that older generations will help engage with and educate the youth to correct their perception that it is acceptable to be corrupt.

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