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New Frontiers

Make 2020 Count [Website]

The year 2019 has seen some dynamic developments in the Unashamedly Ethical network as many more individuals, businesses and communities joined the movement and committed to taking a stand in their spheres of influence.

In West Africa the nation of Ghana took a stand and declared themselves an Unashamedly Ethical nation, with more government parties and influencers around the world moving toward embracing the commitment.

Seeing young people in schools and universities hungry for significance and a higher call take a stand in the network, reminds us that it only takes a small percentage of a nation to create a tipping point that can change the destiny of a nation forever…

Unashamedly Ethical Youth has moved forward in leaps and bounds with a fresh look and initiatives that include think tanks, pier to pier learning, youth networking events and online platforms and media for more dynamic engagement with younger interest groups.

At the same time we have seen some exciting changes within the Unashamedly Ethical team and prospects look bright for the year ahead.

As we reflect on priorities for 2020 may we be reminded of the 10 commitments we strive toward as a growing movement of change agents…

  • to be truthful in all we say
  • to be faithful in our family relationships.
  • to do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit
  • to refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes
  • to be diligent without being harsh, and strive to be just and fair
  • to be peacemakers
  • to do our work wholeheartedly and with excellence
  • to submit to just and ethical governing authorities
  • to remember the poor, and finally,
  • to collaborate with our peers to impact our communities and nations.

Thank you for being part of this collective voice and joining forces with visionaries around the world courageous enough to believe that change is possible.

We look forward to the new frontiers that await in 2020.

Unashamedly Ethical  

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