Thursday , July 20 2017
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UE MOBILE APP! We are excited to announce that we are in the process of launching a mobile phone application (APP) for Unashamedly Ethical (UE). One of the pillars on which UE are built, is networking. We strive to put like-minded individuals and companies in touch with each other. When …

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Unashamedly Ethical Youth Strategy


Our Youth Strategy is focused primarily on previously disadvantaged communities. The Unashamedly Ethical Youth Strategy is creating opportunities and methods that will overcome transformational challenges in our communities, thereby promoting democracy. The Unashamedly Ethical Character Education Program can be utilised as a tool to reinforce a system of positive influence that …

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UE Commitment No 2


To Provide Efficient, Economic And Effective Products And Services In An Impartial Manner Very often when ethics and values in business are discussed, it is seen as an “ideal” or “nice to have”. However, quite often the perception among business people dictates that in the competitive area of business, ethics …

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